Business Development

Despoina Filiou, Antonios Angelakis, Margarita Komninou


The course provides a comprehensive overview of fundamental and essential concepts within business management.

Is comprised of two units:

  • Unit 1: Understanding Business and Entrepreneurship:
    • Introduces to tools and concepts within strategic decision making, innovation, evaluating new entrepreneurial ideas and taking advantage of innovative opportunities.
  • Unit 2: Understanding Consumers:
    • Introduces you to tools and concepts helping you to understand your market and clients, addressing their needs and becoming more effective in promoting your products and services.
Course code: ENG101
Category: Modules in English
CC - Attribution
CC - Attribution

Course Units


  • The course will provide you with a valuable insight and skills to identify and act on innovative opportunities and inform the strategic development of your enterprise or business venture now, and in the future.  
  • By the end of this course unit, you will be able to understand concepts such as entrepreneurial mindset, strategic decision making, and business modeling.  
  • You will also apply your learning through case study examples, reflective exercises and other tests.


 How well do you know your existing and prospective customers?

This course unit aims to bring you closer to your customers by introducing some general aspects related to the consumer’s buying decision-making process, as well as by exploring ways of discovering customer needs and wants through the implementation of marketing research.

By the end of this course unit, you will be surprised how even a simple low-cost marketing research can contribute to the discovery of valuable insight which will in return inform the strategic development of your enterprise!

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