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  • OpenUp Entrepreneurship  -  12 courses available
     OpEn: A learning walk in digital entrepreneurship 

    The online course is targeting those self-employed, young and new entrepreneurs either just opening up their business or planning to do so in the near future.  The aim is to provide inspiration and support in developing a digital business.The online course is based on self-paced learning over a recommended duration of 8 weeks, considering that up to 4 hours per week can be dedicated in engaging with material on the course.  The online course is available in four languages (English, Greek, Italian and Spanish) and is structured around three main areas:

    • Business Development: supporting the development of fundamental skills on business management
    • Digital Development: developing capabilities in how digital technologies can be deployed in your business
    • Personal Development: developing excellence in leadership, negotiating and collaborating skills

    You can register to the online course through this link and navigate through all or one of the above areas depending on your needs and preferences. You can pace your learning to suit your time requirements. You can find a detailed video presentation of the online course. More information at the project's web site: http://www.openup-project.eu

  • Opatel  -  1 course available

    OPATEL: Online Platform for Academic TEaching and Learning in Iraq and Iran

  • Upatras Seminars  -  12 courses available