Business Development


Course Evaluation

Thank you for taking part in this evaluation survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather your thoughts on this course, in order to improve it. Be assured that all answers will be anonymised and kept strictestly confidential.

Participant Information
Question 1
The course is interesting
Question 2
The course is helpful
Question 3
By attending this course I gained useful knowledge on starting up a new or improving an existing business
Question 4
I would recommend the course to a friend
Question 5
Please explain the reasons why you are likely (or less likely) to recommend this course to a friend
Question 6
What did you enjoy the most about this course?
Question 7
What did you like the least about this course?
Question 8
The course syllabus is appealing
Question 9
The course content structure around Business, Personal, and Digital Development modules is effective
Question 10
The course syllabus is overloaded
Question 11
The course duration (8 weeks) is adequate
Question 12
The course aims are relevant to my interests
Question 13
The content is organized in a clear and logical way
Question 14
The course content is relevant to the course objectives
Question 15
The course supports engagement and communication
Question 16
In the course, it was easy to find what I was looking for
Question 17
The e-learning instructions were clear and helpful
Question 18
I had no problems to communicate with my peers
Question 19
It was easy to find the right person to cooperate for my e-learning activities
Question 20
The design of the platform is appealing
Question 21
The platform is easy to navigate
Question 22
At times I found the content boring
Question 23
The use of multimedia alongside more traditional “lecture-type” material is appealing
Question 24
The media used (video, audio, etc.) are of adequate quality
Question 25
The content language was an obstacle to my learning
Question 26
Completing the activities helped to understand the module content better
Question 27
The activities are suited to the course goals and objectives
Question 28
There is enough variety in the types of exercises
Question 29
The evaluation results- feedback was helpful
Question 30
What could you recommend for improving this course?

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