Unit 4: Collaborating

This unit helps you to improve collaborative skills with a short guide of how to build and maintain an effective team or how to establish partnerships.

Besides, by the end of this, you will have some details about how to be an engaging speaker or how to deal with partnerships.

Meet the instructors:


Mr. Juan Carlos Martinez Barrio

Team Coach
Director of Projects Development and Training Departments

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Mr. Javier Sardiñas Ortega

Senior Expert
Entrepreneurship training

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Mr. David Tome Puente

Senior Expert
Entrepreneurship training

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Ms. Cristina Martínez Sanz

Junior Expert
Networking and IT

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Collaborating skills (Team working, communicating, establishing partnerships): Achieving dialogical competences and understanding community learning and working inspiring individuals start to commit themselves to learn and work together. Delving deeper in customer relationships in cooperation with customers.

During 1.25 hours you are going to work with “Collaborating”.

In the main document “Collaborating” you can find a presentation with the main points. Inside the document you are going to find 2 icons:

  • ‘i’ icon: If you want to get more information, you can find it on “More About Collaborating”
  • ‘Act now’ icon: If you want to do practical exercises, you can find it on “Template Collaborating”
More About Collaborating
Template Collaborating
Keep relationships
Share with other participants your situation and the organizations with which you could establish relationships



According to the course, choose the best answer

Additional resources

How to Build a Successful Work Team
(Book) A Structured Approach to Effective Partnering
(Video) Building an Effective Team: Creating a Productive and Efficient Group
(Video) 6 Tips for Being Engaging
(Video) Business Partnerships: How To Choose The Right Business Partner
(Video) How To Make The Best Partnership Agreement


  • “Out of our minds: Learning to be creative Online readings”. Ken Robinson
  • “Improve your communication skills”. Alan Barker
  • “Leadership presence: Dramatic techniques to reach out, motivate and inspire”. Belle Lynda Halpern & Kathy Lubar
  • “Awareness”. Anthony de Mello
  • “The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership: Follow them and people will follow you”. John C. Maxwell
  • “Perfect pitch: The art of selling ideas and winning new business”. Jon Steel
  • “The fifth discipline (Revised and updated)”. Peter M. Senge
  • “Man’s search for meaning”. Viktor E. Frankl
  • “What got you here won’t get you there. How successful people become even more successful!”. Marshall Goldsmith
  • “The art of war”. Sun Tzu
  • “The medium is the massage”. McLuhan/Fiore


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